Atletico Madrid hope to bring Dalot to the team

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Atletico Madrid are reportedly planning on bringing Manchester United‘s Portuguese right-back Diogo Dalot immediately following his recent split from Newcastle’s Kieran Trippier. Chelsea United

Although Atletico Madrid have been trying to keep Kieran Trippier at the club. After speculation about a move out of the blue. It was Manchester United previously wanted Kieran. Trippier joined the team, but most recently. Making Atletico Madrid need to find Kieran Trippier’s representatives.

And there are many that Atletico Madrid hope to immediately bring to the team. With the first target being Valencia’s Daniel Vas is out of contract at the end of the 2021/22 season. But Valencia doesn’t want to. Release Daniel Wass from the UFABET team. He ready to discuss a new contract with Daniel Vas immediately. In addition to that, there is also RB Leipzig’s Rasmus Christensen is one of the Atletico Madrid’s targets are the same. Including Real Mallorca’s Pablo Maffeo.

Atletico Madrid’s Diogo Dalot is also keen to see Diogo Dalot get a chance to make more appearances in the starting XI for Manchester City. Lester United in the era of Ralph Rangnick. But there are still rumors of a transfer. Similarly, although Diogo Dalot has no plans to part with Manchester United.