Chelsea won’t sell Broya, of course.

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Southampton’s Albanian striker Armando Broya must return to Chelsea immediately after the 2021/22 season. After Chelsea made it clear that Armando Broya would not be released under any circumstances.

With a wide range of options in the forward position. Chelsea decided to send Armando Broya to Southampton on loan for the opportunity to play continuously. Until the beginning of the transfer that may still be done. The performance was not so good. But after adapting to his team-mates successfully, Armando Broya’s performance has started to improve and has continued to score goals for Southampton and in the latest match against B. Rentford was also Armando Broya, who scored one goal to help Southampton to a successful victory.

And with such a great performance. Southampton will try to bring Armando Broya to join the team on a permanent contract. Plus there is no guarantee that Armando Broya will step up to be Chelsea’s main character has been successful. Because Chelsea have a striker to choose from up to 3 people. Most importantly, Armando Broya is also very happy with Southampton. Which makes the transfer news. Armando Broya is starting to see the possibility immediately if Southampton try to make an offer to Chelsea in UFABET.

But most recently, it was Chelsea that confirmed. Armando Broya would not be released from the team decisively. Even if the offer offered by Southampton would be very attractive. He confirmed that Armando Bro. Ya remains a key player at Chelsea and is ready for more playing time.