Emerson Royale does not regret moving to Barcelona

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Tottenham’s Brazilian right-back Emerson Royale does not regret. His decision to move to Barcelona before moving to Tottenham. Just made a few appearances for Barcelona.

Real Betis and Barcelona have agreed a deal to bring. Emerson Royale from Atletico Mineiro ahead of Real Betis’s Emme. Orson Royale went to work. Which Emerson Royale’s performance was excellent. Even stepped up to become a main character of Real Betis before becoming Barcelona. Decided to pay up to 12 million pounds to Real Betis to bring Emerson Royale to join the UFABET team. It hope to help Barcelona’s defense better.

Emerson Royale was also given the opportunity to play for Barcelona. ​But only a few months later Tottenham have brought in Emerson Royale. The club is worth up to 21 million pounds and Emerson Royale can step up to become a main character of Tottenham Hotspur as well. Emerson Royale admits. That I do not regret it at all when moving to Barcelona. ​​Although it is only a few months away. Emerson Royale said in an interview.

At Barcelona, ​​I did my best to become a mainstay of Barcelona before being Tottenham Hotspur. He offered me a better offer to consider. It was A good opportunity to play in the best league as well. Barcelona are financially fit made me choose to move to Tottenham Hotspur immediately. Personally I do not want to part with Bar Celona, ​​but I have to decide what is best for me.