‘France-Portugal-Belgium’ guaranteed to qualify for Euro 2024 finals

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‘France-Portugal-Belgium’ guaranteed to qualify for Euro 2024 finals

France and Portugal claim victory Definitely qualified for the Euro 2024 finals in Germany. 

Euro 2024 qualifying round on October 13, highlight match: Netherlands opens the Johan Cruyff Arena to welcome France. Kylian Mbappe scores 2 goals in the 7th, 53rd minute. The home team breaks the egg. From Quilindci Hartman in the 83rd minute, the Roosters won 6 straight matches with 18 points, guaranteed to advance to the final round.

'France-Portugal-Belgium' guaranteed to qualify for Euro 2024 finals

Another pair in the same group, Ireland lost 0-2 to Greece, making Greece 2nd in the group with 12 points from 6 matches, while the Netherlands have 9 points from 5, ranking 3rd in the group, while Ireland has 3 points, no chance of qualifying.

Portugal opened Estadio de Dragao to meet Slovakia. Gonzalo Ramos shot to lead 1-0 in the 18th minute. Cristiano Ronaldo scored from the penalty spot to lead 2-. 0, 29th minute, second half, 69th minute, David Hansko came to score a shallow goal to make the visiting team 1-2, but Ronaldo came and shot ahead 3-1, 72nd minute, but Slovakia chased 2- 3 min 80 from Stanislav Lobotka.

Portugal has won 7 matches in a row with 21 points and has definitely qualified for the final round. 

Other results in the same group: Iceland tied with Luxembourg 1-1, Liechtenstein lost to Bosnia and Herzegovina 0-2. 

Group F results: Austria lost 2-3 to Belgium, making Belgium win 6 matches in a row and advance to the final round as well.

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