Guendouzi wants to stay with Marseille until he retires.

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Olympique Marseille midfielder Matteo Guendouzi is hopeful he will stay at Olympique Marseille. Until he retires after returning to form a key figure at Olympique Marseille. Called in for the French national team.

After problems with Arsenal’s board. Matteo Guendouzi had to part ways with Arsenal immediately. But the problem was that none of the clubs wanted to sign Matteo Guendou. Zi joined the team on a permanent contract. Previously Matteo Guendouzi had to move to Hertha Berlin on loan. Before being sent back to Arsenal again after being unable to Squeezed up to be the main one most recently. It was Olympique Marseille who tried to pull Matteo Guendouzi to join the ทางเข้า UFABET team on a loan contract.

Which moving back to football in his home country allows Matteo Guendouzi to be able to call his own good form immediately and step up to become the main character of Olympic Marseille. Even with the news that Olympique Marseille are ready to pay £9 million to bring Matteo Guendouzi to the team on a permanent contract immediately. plus Matteo Guendouzi insists that he wants. Will stay with Olympique Marseille until he retires, with Matteo Guendouzi giving an interview that

“If you can choose which team you want to be with in the French Ligue 1, it has to be Olympique Marseille only and I am ready to accept the long-term contract that Olympique Marseille offered, of course, I did not think. I will stay at Olympique Marseille for only a few years, but I want to stay at Olympique Marseille until I retire.”