Jurgen Klopp praises one of his players and reveals his hopes in European football after slashing the hammer

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Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp expressed his admiration for one player in particular following last night’s Premier League win over West Ham United.

     Jurgen Klopp praises Trent Alexander-Arnold Right-back of the UFABET team after the game that Liverpool beat West Ham 2-1 last night (Wednesday, April 26, 2023), with the Reds winning for the third time in a row amid a bad season in the capital. With goals from Cody Cakpo and Joel Matip, their run of victories sees Klopp’s side sixth in the race to qualify for European football again next season.

Jurgen Klopp praises one of his players and reveals his hopes in European football after slashing the hammer

          But while Klopp says there are aspects of the game that he ‘likes’, he has chosen Alexander-Arnold. came up especially to compliment “What Trent (Alexander-Arnold) played – wow,” Klopp exclaimed in an interview with BT Sport after the full-time whistle. ‘It’s crazy’. 

         Alexander-Arnold Is the main force of the Reds in this game as the assist for Gakpo’s goal The 24-year-old’s outstanding form is a testament to the role adaptation that Klopp has made in recent times. of Alexander-Arnold in his Liverpool team But Klopp also stressed that his entire squad is trying to get back to the best they were.

          “Maybe the boys can start to feel more confident and manage things and I like the football we play,” Klopp continued. “The first half was the best performance we haven’t played in a long time. There’s belief, it’s us and we play football ′′ We have many games this season that people don’t recognize us. And today we show that it remains within us. And I’m satisfied with that.

   The German manager added that he ‘Loved the first half’ a lot. “We played very well, controlled the game, then after 1-0 but we kept playing, scoring unbelievable goals, playing, keeping going. Then score a goal in the second half ′′ We wanted set-pieces but I’m very happy with that. Joel [Matip] had five headers yesterday and they were all at the fence. But today, back in the net I’m very pleased for Joel that he performed today because until now it wasn’t his season.

          As for playing in European football, Klopp said “If we win every game We’re going to play in Europe. People ask me about the Champions League, but that’s not in our hands. Because we don’t play against teams higher than us ′′ ′′ It’s important that we keep moving forward. play football well and at the end of the season We will see how many points we have. I want to end the season as ourselves. Then we will build on next season ′′ I want to bring something from this season for next season. If that is a European competition it would be great If not, we have to accept it. In the next few weeks I want us to show our true selves instead of a d-game. then ugly in the next game