Neves lauds Lage for raising Wolves a lot.

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Wolverhampton Wanderers’ Portuguese midfielder Ruben Neves has admired Bruno Laj has come in to boost Wolves a lot. It has the opportunity to return to the top of the European stage with a great performance. In the English Premier League.

Although Wolverhampton Wanderers had already won Europa League qualifiers. Wolverhampton Wanderers’ performance has deteriorated since then and was never close to the European Cup area until Bruno La. E came into the new manager. Helping Wolverhampton to change the way of playing a lot, plus the ball was brutal. The overall performance at the beginning of the season may not be satisfactory. But after the players Within the team have already adapted to the work of Wolverhampton Wanderers began to improve accordingly.

And now Wolverhampton has moved up to 8th in the table already and has the opportunity to move up to the higher position because of the low points behind Ruben Neves. Who is doing a very outstanding job with Wolverhampton, admires Bruno Laj who has created a lot of impact for Wolverhampton by Ruben Neves in an interview: “Personally, I have Very happy with the way Wolverhampton plays because all the players in the team are starting to do a lot better.”

“My job is to help the team as much as possible and everyone is ready to give their best, and the arrival of Bruno Lage has helped to raise the bar and create an impact on the UFABET team. Wolverhampton has a lot but we still have a lot to improve and hopefully we can improve even more.”