President Kai wants Conte to stay until the end of the season

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Spurs chairman Daniel Levy wants Antonio Conte to stay at the club until the end of his contract. Despite the heavy criticism of the players because he knew that the head coach should not be changed in the last corner because it affects the performance

The Sun News reports that  Daniel Levy, chairman of Tottenham Hotspur wants Antonio Conte, the Italian coach. Stay in charge of the UFABET team until the end of the contract until the end of this season. Although there was a problem blaming the players through the media heavily. Including the team’s board of directors But in the end. They had to go their separate ways, with his right-hand man , Christian Stellini, taking over. But had to be fired according to the boss


Tottenham have struggled with a slump in form following the departure of coach Dan Macaroni. By after the game that draws Southampton 3-3. They won only one game, drew one and lost two, including a 6-1 defeat to Newcastle United that resulted in Stellini having to stop. Working and being Ryan Mason in charge of the army temporarily 

According to reports, Levy wants Conte to continue at the team until the end of the season. Knowing full well that the change of manager at the final stage of the match will not be good, but the former Chelsea head coach does not seem interested in continuing. Until he ended up having his assistant continue the work but was unsuccessful. Until now, the team has dropped to 7th place in the table, 6 points behind the top-four area, plus 2 more games than Manchester United.

Spurs continue to search for their next permanent manager. They are ready to return their attention to Julian Nagelsmann again. Considering that the former Bayern Munich coach may be interested in this position. After he withdrew from the competition to take the Chelsea job. But if not, anyone will be waiting to see the performance of Mason , who was in charge on a temporary basis when Jose Mourinho was sacked at the end of the season. Sun 2020-2021

The 31-year-old former midfielder, who served as the team’s coaching staff. before taking another job. Confirming that he had dealt with situations like this two years ago So don’t feel worried at all and prepare to receive a visit to United on Thursday. Which he hoped The team will be able to restore their faith.