Torres reveals Spurs made an offer but chose to stay at Villarreal

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Villarreal’s Spanish defender Paul Torres has revealed that Tottenham Hotspur have been offered an offer to consider and offer a very high wage, but In the end, he chose to stay with Villarreal.

After showing good form with Villarreal and winning the Europa League as well. Causing Pao Torres to become one of the players with news about moving the team out all the time and there are many teams. Leading in Europe who wants to join the team. Especially in the English Premier League. Manchester United are looking for a new defender to join the team to strengthen the defense in the game. There is also Tottenham Hotspur interested in Pao Torres as well.

Tottenham Hotspur had an offer for Villarreal to be considered in the hopes of bringing in Pao Torres. But in the end, Pao Torres chose. Stay with Villarreal and continue to do good work continuously as well. Plus Pao Torres confirmed that Tottenham Hotspur has made an offer. To consider plus wages that were submitted to be very high as well. But in the end chose to stay with Villarreal. Because he is still very happy and has no plans to move the ทางเข้า UFABET team at this time.

The wages offered to me by Tottenham Hotspur are much higher than the ones I got from Villarreal, but I want to play with my home country team Villarreal. It made me decide to stay at Villarreal and I’m very happy, although an interesting offer from Tottenham has not come into consideration. It changed my mind a bit.