Answering the question Breast Cancer : Single people are more at risk. Is the lump painful? Does having a mammogram put you at risk?

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Data from the Ministry of Public Health found that in 2022 there were 38,559 new cases of breast cancer in Thailand, accounting for 30.9% of all cancer patients, with the most cases found in women aged 60 years and over, with the highest number of cases at 19,776, followed by 12,181 people aged 50-59 years and 5,177 people aged 40-49 years. The death rate from breast cancer in Thailand in 2022 is 10.2% of all cancer patients. It was found most often in women aged 60 years and over, with the highest number of cases, 3,616, followed by those aged 50-59 years, numbering 2,272 people, and those aged 40-49 years, numbering 1,071 people.

Answering the question "Breast Cancer": Single people are more at risk. Is the lump painful? Does having a mammogram put you at risk?

The trend of breast cancer in Thailand is likely to continue to increase. In 2022, there were 1,882 new breast cancer cases, or 5.3%. From these data, many women People have questions about breast cancer . Answers to various questions have been given as follows.

Q: The idea is that single women are at greater risk of breast cancer. Is “Women with families” still like that?

A: Actually, there is still that information because women during pregnancy have a hormone which is not the hormone that causes breast changes. or breast cancer It’s like we have a break during pregnancy and breastfeeding. And for the specific numbers, it’s women who had their first child before the age of 35, which is related to age-related deterioration. Q: Lately, we’ve seen

people with families, mothers. I also have breast cancer.

A: There are many types of breast cancer. and there are risks from many factors such as genetics If someone in the family has First-degree relatives also have an increased risk of certain types of breast cancer, because there are actually many types of breast cancer. Including people who are older are at greater risk.

Q: The cause of breast cancer has not yet been clearly confirmed as to what causes it, right?

A: Yes, because it is caused by many factors. And as I said, there are many types of breast cancer. It is different from cervical cancer. We now know that approximately 80-90% of cases are caused by the HPV virus, but we are asking if it can be caused by other causes as well.

Q: How to reduce anxiety about it happening ? “Breast cancer” for women

A: I want women to check their breasts for themselves at least once every month because they are with us. We are already with him. Stand and look in the mirror to see if your breasts are even. Where has things changed? Palpate and look around. Women aged 20 years and older can now begin self-examination of their breasts. For people who are not at risk around the age of 40-50 years, gradually begin screening with a mammogram. or breast ultrasound

Q: Breast cancer screening by doing a mammogram. It increases the risk of getting cancer.

A: The amount of radiation used in a mammogram is very small. If compared to cancer treatment

Q: Warning signs of breast cancer That says you should see a doctor.

A: If we check our breasts ourselves regularly, we will see changes. This cancer naturally grows quickly. So you don’t have to wait for a month, we might see changes. Warning signs include feeling a lump. The skin around the breast changes in color. The skin looks like the สมัคร ufabet skin of an orange peel. The nipples are indented even though that has never been before, etc.

Q: Lump of breast cancer. When palpated, does it feel pain or not?

A: It is both painful and not painful. Depends on the area If the lump grows quickly it will hurt. Or some people have wounds on their skin.